Pebble watch

Over the last month or so I’ve been using a Pebble watch. If you’ve not heard of it before, Pebble was the most successfully funded project on
Basically, it’s a watch that can receive notifications from your smart phone. Currently iOS and Android are supported and you connect via bluetooth.
You can get sms messages, emails and even Facebook updates to your watch as well as being able to control your music player using the official app as well as changing the clock face.
If like me you are using Android there are additional apps available to do other stuff: I managed to easily configure cricket updates for each wicket and at milestones all to the watch.
It all works very well and when someone else sees you checking out a text message many look in disbelief. It’s a great bit of kit and works really well in meetings where you can just put your phone on silence and when you get an email, a quick glance at your watch and you can tell if it’s important or not.
Check out the video:


Wi-Fi Tethering on Android

Yesterday I bought a brand new iPod Touch as my old iPod classic had a battery life of not very much at all.
After setting it up using iTunes and connecting to my home Wi-Fi I decided it would be really useful to have internet access on the go.

After a little bit of Googling I found android-wifi-tether which is so simple to install and set-up anyone can do it.

You do need a rooting Android phone and you have to be a bit careful about your data usage, but it is fantastic. Before you know it, you can access the internet, iTunes and the App store.

Now, what other exciting things can I do with an iPod Touch? I’m not sure I need to Jailbreak it, but the temptation will probably get the better of me

Smarter iTunes Smart Playlists

I use smart playlists as a kind of auto-DJ to give me a mixture of the wide amount of music I have stored in the library. I borrowed the idea from a user on the MediaMonkey forum (I can’t remember their name but thanks for the idea) and tweaked to my needs.
The idea is to provide a constant playlist of music, biased to the songs I like the most whilst not ignoring anything else in the library I might have forgotten.
1. Create 10 smart playlists as follows: 10 random 5 star songs, 9 4.5 songs, 8 4 stars songs etc. all the way to 1 .5 star song.
2. Create a playlist called Favourites not recently played with 5 songs from between 4 and 5 stars which I haven’t played in the last 12 months.
3. Create a playlist for songs not yet rated
4. Create a playlist for songs added in the last 14 days

I then created a ‘master’ smart playlist which selects 75 random songs from any of the above playlists and we’re good to go.

The first issue I came across was that the smart playlist will only change if I change it’s rating so I added extra clauses to exclude anything played or skipped in the last day which drops it off the playlist and add a new random song.

You can manually assign ratings for your songs but there are auto rating scripts you can use to rate your songs based on played count, skip count and the date added to the library. I have so far been using the AutoRateAccurate on MediaMonkey which I synchronise with the iTunes library but I’ve seen a product called meta-iPod ( which promises similar.

Does anyone else do anything similar?

30 Old PC Ads That Will Blow Your Processor | Information Technology Schools

Many people today either are too young to have ever seen some early pc’s or have forgotten what they looked like and how much they cost. Today we complain about the cost of a laptop running 2Ghz with 4GB ram for a cost of $ 400.00, however it wasn’t that long ago that laptops and pc’s were priced quite a bit higher. Here are 30 Old PC ads that will make you laugh and possibly appreciate what you have today.

via 30 Old PC Ads That Will Blow Your Processor | Information Technology Schools.

SwiftKey on Android

I have just installed SwiftKey on my Android phone and am using it with WordPress for Android to compile this post.  It appears to do the job very well and the predictive text saves plenty of keystrokes.

Download it from the Android MarketPlace or find out more here

Return to the darkside of iTunes

This week I am in the process of returning to iTunes. Why you ask? Let me explain my set-up.

I have a reasonably large music collection of about 14,000 mp3’s stored on a NAS drive on my network. I have been using the excellent MediaMonkey up until now as a library to maintain tags, play music, sync with my iPod and scrobble to This was all going well until July 1 (I think) when MediaMonkey stopped scrobbling.

I have installed the excellent plug-in for MediaMonkey which will sync will iTunes. This has pushed all of my music into an iTunes library which I can obviously sync my iPod and Scrobble properly (even from the iPod which MM couldn’t do without some additional 3rd party add-in). Best of all though, I use a MM add-in called AutorateAccurate which rates all of my music based on play count and skip count, and these ratings get sync’d into the iTunes library.

What am I enjoying about iTunes – Smart Playlists are fantastic and I think I have only scratched the surface so far. Not sure about Genius – it doesn’t seem to offer too much variety but maybe I need to spend more time with it. Anyone got any advice with Smart Playlists or Genius lists?

For MediaMonkey visit


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